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Randall Co. Feedyard

Canyon, Texas

(806) 499-3701       (800) 658-6063

Randall County Feedyard is a dedicated facility for the Rancher's Registry branded product. We are dedicated develop the most efficient cattle production system to deliver to the consumer a consistent beef supply that meets their highest expectation for safety, taste, and tenderness.

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This feedyard has exceptional facilities with two new state-of-the-art covered hospital barns and processing areas, as well as three receiving and shipping facilities with scales strategically positioned to reduce stress on incoming and outgoing cattle. The yard is well drained, with a variety of pen sizes to accommodate newly arrived yearlings.

The ultimate goal of this facility is to develop a cattle production template whereby our loyal cow-calf and stocker customers might receive maximum value for their ownership percentage of predictable, high-performance, preconditioned calves and light yearlings.

Randall Co. Feedyard is ideally located in the North Plains of Texas, 15 miles Southwest of Amarillo, with excellent access to all four major packers.

Dell Volmer, Manager


Winter-66,200 Head, 168 Sq. Ft. Pen Space Per Head & 13" Bunk Space Per Head
Summer-79,500 Head, 140 Sq. Ft. Pen Space Per Head & 11" Bunk Space Per Head


LOCATION: 14 miles South of Amarillo, Texas on i-27, 5 miles West on FM 2219
FEEDMILL TECHNOLOGY: Steam flake, computerized batch process, comprehensive ration quality control
FEEDMILL CAPACITY: 100 tons per hour
FEED GRAINS AVAILABLE: corn, milo, wheat
ROUGHAGE AVAILABLE: corn silage, all types hay, all cotton products

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Average seasonal temperature extremes (hi-lo)
Winter 51 - 24
Spring 70 - 42
Summer 90 - 64
Fall 71 - 45

Average Rainfall 19"
CONSULTING NUTRITIONIST: Keith Hansen, Nutrition Service Associates, Hereford, Texas
CONSULTING VETERINARIAN: Dr. Charles Deyhle, Canyon, Texas
Monfort within 70 miles
Excel within 70 miles
National Beef within 170 miles